Invest in Pro Trading Pool
Venture investment
Crypto exchange

  • Pro Trading Pool – make a profit from the experience of professionals in the financial market

  • Safe and profitable exchange BTC/USDT/ETH and other cryptocurrencies

  • Investments in innovative projects at the stage of ready technologies
Investing in trading pool

  • Income from 20% per annum on trading through the largest stock exchanges NYSE, NASDAC

  • Managing accounts in major recognized brokerage companies in the world

  • Professional algorithmic trading. Full risk control.
Venture investment

  • Only the best innovative projects in trend niches

  • Ready-made technologies: unmanned vehicles, smart windows, chemical cleaning

  • Participation in investment rounds or buyout control
OTC Crypto Exchange

  • Buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

  • Bank payments and cash

  • Russia, UAE, Czech Republic, Poland, Hong Kong and other jurisdictions
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